23. May 2013

The fact that DocCheck is more than just a medical password service is now well known to everyone. But did you also know that you can help shape the content in DocCheck actively? And indeed easier and faster than you might assume.

DocCheck offers you a variety of different services: because now and then one loses track of things. And let’s face it: as a physician one really doesn’t have time to burn. We’ll show you here and now, in a nutshell, how to go beyond using the pharmaceutical websites that use the DocCheck password, and use DocCheck to your advantage and together with colleagues start improving the medicine of tomorrow as early as today.

130520_medmachen_askAsking for or giving second opinions to colleagues on DocCheck Ask

Advantages: Fast and skilled explanation of your acute cases; new treatments and differential diagnoses
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130520_medmachen_picturesExciting shots at DocCheck Pictures to be found and uploaded

Advantages: Interdisciplinary second opinion; support students and young colleagues with visual support material
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Over the past few weeks, our users have participated in the DocCheck Pictures Spring Competition – you can check the results here and find out which pictures your colleagues have shared with you:

Benefit now by medicipating at DocCheck because your medical expertise and experience are far too valuable to keep to yourself.

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? We are here to serve you. Simply write us an email.

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It’s much esaier to understand when you put it that way!

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