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OP-markers: disco light for surgeons

When one Nobel Prize winner and one particular surgeon sit together at a table, tumors light up like stars in the desert sky and nerves willingly reveal their exact pathway. Intraoperative labelling of tissues with fluorescent markers could open new dimensions of more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Senescence: tumor cells in hibernation

Cells that threaten to degenerate often go into a sort of "hibernation". This so-called senescence program provides the immune system with the ability to detect and eliminate these cells selectively.  As such, this prevents the formation of tumors. more...

To screen or not to screen?

Ever since the implementation of mammography screening on a regular basis, epidemiologists, radiologists and oncologists argue about the effectiveness of such examinations. New results point to the alarm bells ringing much more often than necessary. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

First Corn Schnapps, then Cancer

In the future, physicians treating hard-drinking patients should consult their colleagues working in the field of urology: Only 50 g of alcohol a day increase the risk for prostate cancer massively. Binge drinking or just a little beer, wine or schnapps at the end of a more...

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Breast Cancer: With the Aid of B&T

A team of researchers has discovered the importance of the immune system for prognosis of mamma carcinomas: If B- and T-lymphocytes are particularly active, the probability of distant metastases occurring is significantly decreased. more...

Article by Thorsten Braun

Tumor out of nowhere

If you don't know with who you are dealing you have tremendous trouble treating your patients right. Growths of unknown origin might lead oncologists astray. Only elaborate analyses of activated tumor genes might – sometimes – be able to unmask such "CUPs". more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Do Fat Cells just hang around?

The main function of adipocytes, i. e. fat cells, is solely the storage of the often so much despised fat pads. But it's obvious: Fat cells can do a lot more. The annoying depots even have influence on the immune system. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Cancer Therapy: With a little help from the Far East

It was considered a bit freaky for a long time, but most of all, the "dark horse" in classic cancer therapy: Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today the elite of German cancer researchers are discovering the potentials of a culture more than 5000 years old - the DKFZ more...

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Boring, Filling, Scanning the Breast

Early detection at the dentist's office? Breast cancer screening at the hairdresser? New biotechnological opportunities in detecting tumor markers open uncommon perspectives. Mainly saliva could play an important role in the future - enabling an early detection for more...

Article by Karin Bäck

New High Precision Weapon against Cancer

It for sure was a little sensation and perhaps the first step on the road to new methods in oncology: Last Wednesday physicians at the University Hospital in Magdeburg/Germany officially applied an open Upright MRI in their fight against cancer. more...

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