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Madness in full bachbloom

Bach flowers seem to be a matter of faith. For the proponents of evidence-based medicine, the operator of one online shop with its Bach Flower Essence No. 79 has now clearly exceeded the tolerance threshold. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

PTSD Recovery: Do genes make the difference?

Survivors of disasters or abused children: they are all candidates for stress disorder following trauma. Yet some victims brush aside low blows in their lives seemingly effortlessly. Do they have better genes? more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Child soldiers: Stress in children’s bedrooms

Children whose parents are deployed in war as soldiers frequently show psychological abnormalities. First and foremost one finds acute stress reactions, but also adaptation syndrome as a result of prolonged stress. This has now been demonstrated in a study. more...

Article by Dunja Voos

PTSD: Cancer As Trauma

When looking at post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) one thinks of violence, accident or war, but hardly of physical illnesses such as cancer or Crohn's disease. Researchers have now taken a closer look at the consequences of serious illnesses. more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

Those who go through hell

The internet shows its true blessings in the spheres of psycho-medicine. The therapy program "Virtual Iraq" takes the desert and grenades straight into the treatment room of traumatized US veterans. Back in the virtual hell of war they are supposed to digest more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Blind to Feelings

They feel neither happiness nor sadness. They know no jealousy or hate. They have never been in love - those people with a blocked perception of feelings. Science calls this disease alexithymia, "blindness to feelings". According to the study of the universities of more...

Article by Birgit Frohn
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