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Bone-breaking Job for Bio-Researchers

For a long time, bone regeneration materials were considered the "babies" of biotechnology retorts. But orthopedists of the future have to readjust: Bones growing back on special matrices are just as much part of future bone medicine as absorbable bone regeneration more...

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Do Fat Cells just hang around?

The main function of adipocytes, i. e. fat cells, is solely the storage of the often so much despised fat pads. But it's obvious: Fat cells can do a lot more. The annoying depots even have influence on the immune system. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

The same – and yet entirely different

Up to now - with a few exceptions - the rule applied: If two have the same gene equipment, the environment determines the development of each person. Geneticists at Harvard University have discovered new soil, just how the cell produces its inimitability. Mono-allelic more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Wound Therapy Middle Earth Style

The movies just make you fat and lazy? Fiddlesticks! Ever since Frodo wandered from the Shire to Mordor across the movie screens, physicians get clear a whole lot better with the wound of their patients. The trick is done with a laser scanner - the very same that more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Cancer: Marker, Laser, Destroy!

Conventional imaging processes such as CT or MRI are gaining an important ally in cancer detection: By means of a laser, the researchers succeeded in detecting tumor cells in the blood of the patients without taking blood. The ray scanned the surface of veins - and more...

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