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CMD: Who’s Cracking The Case?

Craniomandibular dysfunction can be treated effectively in most cases. The problem lies elsewhere: those affected often have an exasperating journey of visits to various specialists already behind them, before the suspicion falls on CMD. more...

Boring, Filling, Scanning the Breast

Early detection at the dentist's office? Breast cancer screening at the hairdresser? New biotechnological opportunities in detecting tumor markers open uncommon perspectives. Mainly saliva could play an important role in the future - enabling an early detection for more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Climate Change in the Waiting-Room

Not just skiers and car manufacturers, also physicians slowly start getting concerned about global warming. In Europe, doctors' associations and Co. are still holding back. But in Australia, the topic has become a matter for the boss. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Dressed to – ECG

Put on a T-shirt, measure and record your cardiac activities. That is just how simple an ECG works - the patient does not have to be wired any more. High tech clothing for medical use are gaining ground. more...

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