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Beany’s second Career

Many a patient might be able to abandon expensive lipid- and cholesterol reducers: Half a cup of Pinto beans per day reduces the cholesterol- and lipid level by about 10 percent. The basic approach was discussed time and again - now the Human Nutrition Research Center more...

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Didn’t sleep well? Spit it out!

Smoking? Prohibited. Alcohol? Over soon as well. One of these days they might even go against us night owls. Because a saliva test tells you now how much you slept. After the "blow-test", are they now threatening with a cuspidor? more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Orthopedists as Bloodsuckers

Out of the snuggery of alternative art of healing and into the canon of orthodox medicine? With own blood and beads, even established orthopedists are drawing attention now. The orthodox doctor turns into a vampire to protect joints. more...

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