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Rounding up with Fat Stem Cells

A dream might come true: Some ladies' too chubby buttocks, their belly with a few pads too many are becoming the most wonderful bosom within a few months. But hopefully those 60% of women would profit from breast build-up by stem cells as well who need a more...

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Baldy Bye Bye – maybe this time for real

Wigs, drugs and tinctures are going straight to the garbage. Bald head and Co. - something we have seen on old photographs or on some guys considering it super cool. Hair is growing, where it is supposed to. Utopia? No. Scientists have come a whole lot closer to the more...

Article by Karin Bäck

New Chance for Preemies

There is hope for babies suffering from brain damage caused by a periventricular Leukomalacia: Innsbruck neonatologists examine a possibility to remedy existing damage. more...

Article by Monika Lerch

Stemcells: Therapy Thanks to a Chopstick Accident

It sounds like an anecdote, but once you take a closer look, you see, it's a small sensation: neuronal stem cells can be hatched relatively effortless to renew damaged organ material - from tissue originating from the damaged brain. New therapies are coming closer and more...

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