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When Fear Works Its Way Into The Body

People with generalised anxiety disorder constantly have exaggerated worries. Even children can suffer from it. Somatic symptoms often dominate the scope of attention – the condition itself is therefore often overlooked. Psychotherapy is helpful in many cases. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Binge-Eating: The Great Gorging

Binge-eating disorder is increasingly being recognised as a distinct condition: the sufferer shoves large amounts of food down his or her throat and does not vomit. Sufferers are often overweight. Treatment is therefore also important because of the risk of more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Psychedelics: LSD In The Therapy-Trip

More and more studies show that there is no link between the consumption of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and the incidence of mental illness. On the contrary – these substances could even be used as a therapeutic intervention. more...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: When the colon is lying on the couch

Across the world about 5 to 20 percent of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. A definite explanation is not yet at hand, yet it is known that the state of mind affects the intestinal tract. Gastroenterologists have shown that psychotherapy and antidepressants more...

Article by Dunja Voos

Depression: Talk sooner, pill later

Whoever goes to a doctor for depression is quickly provided with antidepressants. Yet is that good? Researchers have now found that it is often more helpful in cases of mild depression to begin with psychodynamic therapy. more...

Article by Dunja Voos
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