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Plague à la carte

To find out where in the world new plagues might lurk, US researchers are combing through the internet for the past two years. The originally completely experimental "Health Map" project has become a tool even plague pros start taking serious. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Networking for White Coats

DocCheck offers now a new service - interesting as well as valuable - for physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals. The new service "DocCheck Faces" now offers medical professionals to present themselves with their profiles, services and main focus of more...

Anonymously on the Web – Syphilis Test 2.0

Wild life in Amsterdam: With an internet portal, the Dutch try to get a grip on the increase of sexually transmitted diseases. The anonymous tool helps with the early diagnosis of syphilis and rapid therapies: A successful example for Public Health 2.0. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Grandpa in the Fishbowl

What are we going to do with all those babyboomers, when they get old? We bundle them in a stylish housing project and observe them via internet. "Smarter Living", is the key word. How this is working out, shows a residential home for the elderly at the West Coast in more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel
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