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Pneumonia: Underestimated And Overlooked

Pneumonia is a condition often overlooked by doctors. Patients benefit from taking antibiotics even in mild cases. In order to promptly distinguish pneumonia from other infections, one should pay attention to certain points in everyday clinical practice. more...

Rattling in the Lung Chip

If you want to know how drugs or toxics affect the lungs, you have to kill animals. Or built organ-on-chips supplying answers. A bit of synthetics, a good load of vacuum, add E. coli and you have a wonderful pneumonia in the tin. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Zoster strikes back

A stroke is not only the result of an unhealthy life style. There is increasing evidence that also inflammations like shingles promote strokes and vessel sclerosis - most of all if the zoster virus afflicts the eyes. more...

Article by Thomas Kron
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