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MS: Intestinal Bacteria On Stone Age Diet

Research shows that intestinal bacteria are linked to multiple sclerosis. An American doctor, suffering from MS herself, is investing efforts on a special diet which resembles the paleo diet. Her self-experiment will now be tested in a clinical trial. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Histamine Intolerance: Morbus Gouda

It is often questioned whether histamine intolerance exists as a singular  freestanding disease. An argument: The body cannot react incompatibly to a biogenic transmitter. Since 2012, the HIT has had its own guidelines. more...

Vegetarianism: Is broccoli sexy?

It ought to be healthier, more environmentally friendly and without the risk of nutritional deficiencies, if one pays attention to it mindfully: the vegetarian diet. But can it really meet these high expectations? more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Shock for the Granola-Man

Biocritics were sure – they always knew it! The results of a meta-study show that organic food does not offer any added value for our health. A tough diet – last but not least for the manufacturers of the alleged healthier food spoiled by their success. more...

Article by Birgit Frohn

The Big Diet – Bullshit

Low fat, low carb – all no guarantee for losing weight. No matter whether we are talking fats, carbon hydrates or proteins: The only thing that counts is the amount of calories we are eating. A US-study about the influence of the combination of nutrients on our more...

Article by Birgit Frohn
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