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Too much Tin in sick Bodies

Physicians in the US criticize the excessive use of implantable defibrillators in cardiac patients. Those expensive machines would be implanted too often in patients not having been examined for them. The result: Hardly any medical benefit and poor cost effectiveness. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Cell-Tuning for stuttering Hearts

Deadly cardiac arrythmias are the most feared complication of an acute myocardial infarction. Scientists now succeeded to prevent ventricular tachycardia from mice by embryonic cells. And even better: It worked with genetically pepped-up skeletal muscle cells as well. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Bordeaux please, but make it the expensive stuff!

Whoever was looking for a good reason to scorn industrially pressed high tech drop of wine from the new world, may now refer to highest sciences. Because not every red wine protects the blood vessels. It has to be something special... more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel
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