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Testosterone: The Rapunzel-Hormone

A recent study shows that for women undergoing androgen replacement therapy head hair begins to regrow. This turns the current thesis on its head, according to which elevated testosterone levels are supposed to cause hair loss. more...

Mommy’s Eyes, Daddy’s Problems

When men gradually start aging and nor a sports-car neither raw veggies can stop dwindling vigors - some of them betake to testosterone. Not that there is a lot to say against it. But only if they wash hands. Because this is how they pass on the hormones – also to more...

Article by Thomas Kron

A Nap with the Scalpel

Whoever does not give his or her brain some rest on a regular basis has to be aware of blackouts. There are various ways to achieve longer "mileage": Coffee, power pills or even better the "cat-nap"? But in general there is always this one question: Just how dangerous more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Do Fat Cells just hang around?

The main function of adipocytes, i. e. fat cells, is solely the storage of the often so much despised fat pads. But it's obvious: Fat cells can do a lot more. The annoying depots even have influence on the immune system. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Boring, Filling, Scanning the Breast

Early detection at the dentist's office? Breast cancer screening at the hairdresser? New biotechnological opportunities in detecting tumor markers open uncommon perspectives. Mainly saliva could play an important role in the future - enabling an early detection for more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Farewell Indian Summer

Does the additional dose of testosterone make the potent man in his sixties? At any rate the hormone therapy is popular with older men. A study made in the Netherlands shows now: By far not all that glitters is gold on the anti-aging-bazaar! more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Vicious Circle in the Brain

In the course of a malignant tumor ailment 25 percent of the patients develop a depression. Several studies proved this. Now it turns out that the psychological pressure of the disease is not the actual trigger. It's the neurotransmitters that are out of balance. more...

Article by Monika Lerch

The Fabulous World of Climax

Virility increasing drugs? The "lust pill" for women? All just boring stuff compared to what is keeping scientists busy lately: The search for the ultimate climax hormone. more...

DocCheck News Redaktion

FSD – Tacit Female Disorder or Imaginary Disease?

There is hardly any topic in medicine causing such a riot as FSD - female sexual dysfunction. Skeptics leave no stone unturned to prove that this is an imaginary disease. On the other hand there is a cohort of physicians trying to fathom the relations between woman and more...

Article by Bettina Reich
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