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Vitamin D-Religion: Amen

No vitamin is the subject of more weighty discussion than vitamin D. For some, it is the universal saviour, which protects against headaches, colds, fractures and even against cancer and multiple sclerosis. For others: much ado about nothing. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

CMD: Who’s Cracking The Case?

Craniomandibular dysfunction can be treated effectively in most cases. The problem lies elsewhere: those affected often have an exasperating journey of visits to various specialists already behind them, before the suspicion falls on CMD. more...

Temporo-mandibular headache: a cracking case

Patients with undefined headaches often suffer from a temporo-mandibular dysfunction. If the jaw joint does not function properly, cervicogenic pain can be considerable. Researchers are in dispute over the forms of therapy. According to one study orofacial therapies more...

Article by Dunja Voos
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