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Lithium Cordial To Keep Dementia Away

Lithium has been employed for years in the treatment of bipolar disorders and depression. It also has positive effects on dementia disorders. In the face of increasing patient numbers, one psychiatrist has a questionable idea: distributing drinking water containing more...

Dementia: Paradox prognosis

If our society is to keep getting older, we will have to get used to living among many people with dementia. But will it really be as bad as health prophets predict? Study results of the last three years have surprised even experts. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Black gold or cold coffee?

Skin cancer, depression or Alzheimer's disease: Recent studies have shown that coffee can –  with moderate consumption – reduce the risk of several diseases. Particularly against basal cell carcinoma, coffee is likely to provide an important contribution to more...

Article by Michael Strausz

Alzheimer-Therapy? Forget It!

Causally-effective drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease are not in sight. A diagnosis before the onset of dementia is still quite possible. The big question however is: What to do? more...

Article by Thomas Kron

Senile Dementia: Wrong spooling

Irreversible? A working group in Goettingen/Germany showed with mice that weakness of memory in older age is connected with faults in the DNA chromatin framework. And it is possible to reverse that with suitable active agents. Should these results get confirmed when it more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Grey Substance – Wise Substance

Alzheimer, dementia or just not memorizing things that well any more. Beyond the middle years the cognitive skill are going down the tubes. Wrong! Experienced brains are easier disturbed in their concentration but they save their experience much better. more...

Article by Erich Lederer
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