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Dyslipidaemia: The New Lipid Sinker

Researchers worldwide are looking for new therapies to deal with elevated lipid blood levels. PCKS9 inhibitor, which has been used in studies to successfully reduce the risk of cardiovascular deaths, is already in use. A cholesterol-lowering vaccine also seems more...

MS Gene: The Eternal Attraction Of The Grail

For more than twenty years the search was unsuccessful. Only now have Canadian researchers once again come across genes which increase the risk of MS significantly. A certain gene mutation resulted with 70% of its carriers in MS. However, further factors have to be more...

Article by Swen Engelmann

Healthy while overweight: A fat error

Overweight, yet blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal – so everything is fine, right? Unfortunately not. More and more study results indicate that the concept of being a metabolically healthy obese person could soon be an obsolete one. more...

Lipid-lowering agents: Guidelines fighting off their fat

Heated debates on the subject "cholesterol and statins" are the rule rather than the exception. So it is hardly surprising that new U.S. guidelines currently provide fuel for some feuds. New fat-lowering agents lead us to expect that in the future there will be no more...

Article by Thomas Kron

HDL Cholesterol: a f(r)iendly fellow

The results of a recent study could bring great change to the status of HDL-cholesterol: researchers have discovered that the supposedly "good" HDL cholesterol may also be "bad" and might even heighten inflammatory reactions. more...

Article by Michael Strausz

Arteriosclerosis – New Brooms sweep clean

Whoever relies only on cholesterol values when it comes to his or her risk for heart and vascular system – is out of luck. New studies with surprising results show that drugs for a favourable HDL- and LDL value do not always stem arteriosclerosis. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Farewell Indian Summer

Does the additional dose of testosterone make the potent man in his sixties? At any rate the hormone therapy is popular with older men. A study made in the Netherlands shows now: By far not all that glitters is gold on the anti-aging-bazaar! more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Beany’s second Career

Many a patient might be able to abandon expensive lipid- and cholesterol reducers: Half a cup of Pinto beans per day reduces the cholesterol- and lipid level by about 10 percent. The basic approach was discussed time and again - now the Human Nutrition Research Center more...

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