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A Vaccination Is On The Way

Hardly anything has influenced medicine as much as the possibility of getting vaccinated against diseases. At the moment, novel vaccines are being developed for psoriasis, allergy to cats, Alzheimer's and cancer – and that seems to be just the beginning. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Cancer Medication: Knocked Out By Bacteria

Researching the microbiome is in vogue: medical researchers have now found out that some medications are made ineffective due to the influence of bacteria. This can, especially when dealing with cancer therapies, have serious consequences. more...

Article by Nicole Simon

Diet Vows Or Diet Crimes?

Sweetener instead of sugar: those struggling with being overweight happily try to switchover to sugar-free products. Yet the body of data on aspartame is contradictory. Should one support patients in their attempts, or slow them down? more...

Article by Aline Kostka

p53: Who’s Arousing The Tumour Slayer?

p53 is one of the body's most important weapons against cancer. In most tumours the tumour suppressor gene is however mutated. Scientists have for a long time been trying to retrieve this "guardian of the genome". The pharmaceutical giants are now enthusiastically more...

Article by Nicole Simon

Cachexia: Sparse Study Conditions

Once under way, there is barely any way back. In the case of cancer but also many other chronic diseases, the body breaks down muscle and fat. Our understanding of the molecular processes is just as limited as the treatment options available. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Targeted Therapy: Farewell To The Chemo Cosh

The world's population is getting older – and the presence of malignant diseases is increasing. Whereas chemotherapy, along with its only minor property of selectivity, previously occupied centre stage, researchers today seek to develop tailored therapies. The big more...

Cancer: That malignant word

The more drastic the word choice in the diagnosis is, the more aggressive are the therapies to which the patients agree. Because this can end up in overtreatment, physicians want to change the vocabulary of cancer. The assertion sounds plausible, but it also has more...

Palliative Care: My Death Belongs To Me

Terminal cancer: Often patients in their final weeks are deprived of the chance to settle matters that are still of importance; only in exceptional situations communication is not exactly easy. more...

Night work: swapping shift with the tumour

For several years, the news that shift work might cause cancer brought discomfort. At least 19% of the working population of the EU are shift workers. In many affected areas, there will be no future opportunity to avoid night work. more...

Article by Puran Falaturi

Tumor therapy: Guidance on apoptosis

Cancer treatment is usually based on the killing off of dividing cells. The easiest option to use would be where the tumour cells simply kill themselves via apoptosis. Using the support of a new substance, this now seems possible. more...

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