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Night Shift: Shuffling On All The Way To Cancer

Those who work at night not only turn their biorhythm upside, but also increase their risk of cancer. Responsibility for this could lie in a lack of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is involved in DNA repair. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Cancer: Hunting For The Dumbo Genes

Oncologists have in recent times learned a lot by looking at elephants and Greenland whales. These large and heavy animals, despite huge cell division rates, rarely develop cancer. Now we are trying to use this knowledge for the benefit of human cancer patients. more...

Cancer: An Inheritance That One Cannot Reject

How do ethnic or gender differences manifest as part of cancer risk? And what added value do doctors get from the respective information? These questions are being answered by researchers using long-term data collected from more than 1.3 million cancer cases in the Los more...

EDCs: The Hormone’s Disturber

Experts from the Endocrine Society warn about health problems due to chemicals that have effects on the endocrine system. These are said to be guilty of causing not only many common medical conditions. Exposure during prenatal and early postnatal development is also more...

Radioactivity: Irradiating pearly-whites

Leaky cooling ponds, radioactivity in the soil and contaminated sea water: Fukushima has become the horror image of nuclear energy. Tooth analyses make an important contribution in estimating cancer risks. more...

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