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Cancer: An Inheritance That One Cannot Reject

How do ethnic or gender differences manifest as part of cancer risk? And what added value do doctors get from the respective information? These questions are being answered by researchers using long-term data collected from more than 1.3 million cancer cases in the Los more...

Breast Cancer: The Sugar-Free-Strategy

Sugar is said to increase the risk of breast cancer and its metastasis in the lungs. The reason for this could be the increased formation of a fatty acid which increases inflammation in the body, according to an American research team. The relevant question now is: more...

Aluminium deodorants: Sweating with fear without proof

Children's toys are often criticised, health investigators repeatedly find substances of concern in plastic bottles and sweaters as well. For several years now another group of products has been working up tempers too: deodorants. One group of active substances in more...

Article by Nicole Simon

Mammary carcinoma: the many faces of cancer

A study concludes that most breast cancers are caused by mutations in 30 to 50 genes. One of the key findings is that many of the newly discovered breast cancer mutations are put specifically in the four individual established breast cancer subclasses. more...

Article by Michael Strausz

Boring, Filling, Scanning the Breast

Early detection at the dentist's office? Breast cancer screening at the hairdresser? New biotechnological opportunities in detecting tumor markers open uncommon perspectives. Mainly saliva could play an important role in the future - enabling an early detection for more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Simply wonderbra

Since the ECG T-shirt has not really become a money spinner up to today, clever researcher are going one layer below. In the future, a bra is supposed to watch over it whether she might have breast cancer. Now we are just waiting for the mobile biopsy. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel

Cancer: Marker, Laser, Destroy!

Conventional imaging processes such as CT or MRI are gaining an important ally in cancer detection: By means of a laser, the researchers succeeded in detecting tumor cells in the blood of the patients without taking blood. The ray scanned the surface of veins - and more...

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Rounding up with Fat Stem Cells

A dream might come true: Some ladies' too chubby buttocks, their belly with a few pads too many are becoming the most wonderful bosom within a few months. But hopefully those 60% of women would profit from breast build-up by stem cells as well who need a more...

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Cancer – the Story of a Comeback in Europe?

The increased life expectancy in Europe causes the increase of cancer to rocket sky-high - since 2004, with 3,000 cases the number increased to more than 3.2 million new cancer cases in 2006. In an up-to-date publication, oncologists warn: Beware this time bomb! Does more...

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Sabotage of Cancer Defense

Some recruits of the human immune defense are behaving completely different from their original programming, when directly facing tumor cells. Instead of doing the rampant tissue in, they raise its aggressiveness and support it to spread. more...

Article by Erich Lederer
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