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Metabolomics: Hemogram in Megapixels

Why does sport keep us healthy? Why don’t I tolerate food tasting so good for others? And why does this drug against cancer not work for me? Where geneticists don’t have the answers, metabolomics come into the game – the analysis of metabolism. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

HepC-Therapy: The Wonder is far away

Hepatitis C does not even spare heroes – something the Soccer World Champions around Rahn and Walter had to realize in 1954. Today, almost 60 years later, modern diagnostics and therapies are available - provided that they are applied on time. more...

Poison down the Tubes

Infusion bags, catheters, kidney dialysis and heart-lung machines often are life-sustaining. But they create special problems as well. If blood circulates outside the body, it might lead to serious malfunctions of organs. A potential cause is the chemical cyclohexanone. more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

A Smile like a Print

Researchers dream about a future when they could "print" skin tissue and blood vessels. Today the industry already expects promising market chances with laser-sinters of protheses, bones or dental protheses. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Bone-breaking Job for Bio-Researchers

For a long time, bone regeneration materials were considered the "babies" of biotechnology retorts. But orthopedists of the future have to readjust: Bones growing back on special matrices are just as much part of future bone medicine as absorbable bone regeneration more...

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Pain Therapy – Extra Hot

The Hungarian pharmacologist Nikolaus Jancso was one of the first to isolate Capsaicin the hot substance from chili and paprika to experiment with it. He set the basis for Capsaicin research with it in medicine at the University of Graz/Austria among others. But lately more...

Article by Karin Bäck

With a Scalpel and some Patience

A recently published PLoS - study shows: The HIV rapid test by saliva sample shortly before delivery can reduce the transfer risk for the newborn considerably - because faster results enable an on-time decision for a C-section. Mainly in countries were HIV screening is more...

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Wash and Go for Renal Failure

Scientists in California have developed a portable artificial kidney. It soon could save patients suffering from chronic renal failure from hours and hours of treatment in dialysis centers. In an initial test, the suitability for daily use was tested now on affected more...

Article by Thorsten Braun

Diabetes: Rescue for Diabetes-Feet

It sounds weird but is considered the future special therapy worldwide: The scalpel of all things is supposed to prevent amputations among others on diabetes patients. One of the first places where this new method was applied is the hospital of the medical university more...

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Wound Healing: Babyface in lieu of Scarface

Lash on the throat after a little accident with the sword? Ugly scar after a surgery? Who needs that? Now scientists want to tackle one of the oldest problems of human vulnerability by genetic engineering - and might open up a booming market there. more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel
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