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Cats Protecting Against Asthma

Contact with cats in early childhood reduces the risk of asthma by up to 80 percent for children carrying a genetically increased risk, according to the result of a Danish long-term study. Living with a dog did not have a positive effect in this context. more...

Article by Aline Kostka

Asthma: Fruit basket that prevents shortness of breath?

Why more and more people suffer from allergic asthma is still not clear. Now a study shows that the insufficient intake of dietary fibre could carry its share of blame. Does this mean in the future: an apple a day keeps asthma away? more...

The Answer to the Problem

Austrian dermatologist and human geneticists have gained new findings about the genesis of neurodermatitis: A lack of filaggrin promotes the genesis of the disease. Reason for new hope for thousands of neurodermatitis patients? more...

Article by Monika Lerch

Germs versus Depression

The fight against depression has a new sensation - bacteria win in brightening the mood. And too much hygiene in the childhood might cause depressed adults. Does psychiatry face a similar revolution like gastroenterology once did with the Helicobacter pylorii? more...

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