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Pneumonia: Underestimated And Overlooked

Pneumonia is a condition often overlooked by doctors. Patients benefit from taking antibiotics even in mild cases. In order to promptly distinguish pneumonia from other infections, one should pay attention to certain points in everyday clinical practice. more...

Caries and endocarditis: only word of mouth?

Cardiologists see to it that dental caries are cleaned and restored with patients before scheduled operations. Dentists in turn try to minimise endocarditis risk by giving prophylactic administration of antibiotics. New studies confirm: something well intended works more...

Nosocomial Infections: News from the Lab

When patients only become sick in hospital and antibiotics are no longer effective, matters can become extremely dangerous and expensive. Researchers and physicians are trying to use different approaches to get on top of hospital infections. more...

TBC: New Drug Against Multi-resistance

The treatment of tuberculosis is slow and takes place through the combination of several drugs. Researchers have now discovered in the "toothbrush tree" a new antibiotic yielding an effective approach that also kills drug-resistant TB pathogens. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Bacteria: no caving in to antibiotics

Researchers have discovered, far removed from any human contact, deep in a Mexican cave which had until now never been visited, bacteria that are resistant to as many as 14 antibiotics. more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

Resistances: About Cannibals and Killers

MRSA infections in hospitals for example prove: Bacteria can become super killers due to antibiotics resistances. Researchers from Tel Aviv discovered that bacteria might be beat with their own weapons. more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

Pipsqueak against Resistances

Larger, higher, further - these are the dimensions of general interest. But not in nanotechnology. There it can't get small enough. Also medicine benefits from the nanos, for example in identifying antibiotics against resistant bacteria. more...

Article by Karin Bäck
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