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Otitis Media: The Options Are Gelling

Otitis media is frequently treated in infants and young children by using antibiotics. However, the side effects and the long duration of treatment lessen compliance. A hydrogel which is applied just once to the eardrum in a case of illness is about to change that. more...

Penicillin: Dosage with a Retro-Look

Penicillin has for over 50 years been the most important antibiotic that is used on children. Every year, British children receive six million prescriptions of antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections, 4½ million of which being oral penicillins. Whether more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

Clostridium-Tribe digs up the Hatchet

Clostridium-difficile-associated diseases are an increasing problem. Two to 25 percent of the patients treated with antibiotics suffer from diarrhea due to the therapy. Costs in Europe: About 3 billion Euro every year. more...

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