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One leg, chopped please!

There are people fervently wanting to have one of their limbs amputated. And the limbs are healthy – but obviously not the one with this wish. He suffers from a disease which actually isn't one: The Body Integrity Identity Disorder. more...

Article by Julia Hofmann

Diabetes: Rescue for Diabetes-Feet

It sounds weird but is considered the future special therapy worldwide: The scalpel of all things is supposed to prevent amputations among others on diabetes patients. One of the first places where this new method was applied is the hospital of the medical university more...

DocCheck News Redaktion

Tissue Engineering – The next Step

Accidents or disease quite often necessitate the replacement of tissue. Tissue engineering raises great hopes here. One project at the University Hospital of Lübeck tests the treatment of diabetic feet with the patient's own cells, their production enabling the growth more...

Article by Bettina Reich
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