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Hair Analysis: Few Facts, A Great Number Of Rapunzel Myths

Hair analyses are increasingly playing a role in medicine. Drug analytics, evidence of alcohol use, the uncovering of mineral and vitamin deficits are just a few of the fields of use. Not so rarely however some findings turn out to be somewhat far-fetched. more...

First Corn Schnapps, then Cancer

In the future, physicians treating hard-drinking patients should consult their colleagues working in the field of urology: Only 50 g of alcohol a day increase the risk for prostate cancer massively. Binge drinking or just a little beer, wine or schnapps at the end of a more...

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Smoking makes stupid

Are smokers deaf and dumb of they can't stop despite knowing about the risks for the health? The reverse seems to come closer to the truth: Smoking itself damages ears and brain in the long run. To avoid an early decay it is always worth it to stop the vice even in a more...

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Pain Therapy – Extra Hot

The Hungarian pharmacologist Nikolaus Jancso was one of the first to isolate Capsaicin the hot substance from chili and paprika to experiment with it. He set the basis for Capsaicin research with it in medicine at the University of Graz/Austria among others. But lately more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Well then… Cheers!

The year started well. News came from Denmark that alcohol, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can lower the risk of cardiac diseases. Cambridge announced that among others a moderate consumption can increase the lifespan. Not really a consolation for people suffering more...

Article by Karin Bäck

Didn’t sleep well? Spit it out!

Smoking? Prohibited. Alcohol? Over soon as well. One of these days they might even go against us night owls. Because a saliva test tells you now how much you slept. After the "blow-test", are they now threatening with a cuspidor? more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel
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