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HIV: Cure in the near distance?

After three decades of symptom-based treatment, research efforts have now for the first time succeeded in completely liberating infected cells from HIV. Should this approach be transferred from cell culture to patients, curing HIV-infected people might be something more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

AIDS-Free Generation: Success Story in the Making

Key stakeholders from developed and developing countries continue to pursue new strategies to reduce the global disease burden of HIV. One key approach to help reduce HIV prevalence is to advance all aspects surrounding the prevention of mother-to-child transmission. more...

Article by Mario Nacinovich

HIV therapy: Heading down the home straight or for a dead end?

Already two decades ago AIDS researchers were talking about the possibility of curing the disease and eradicating HIV. New inhibitors and strategies, after much frustration, again seem to have aroused hope for an end of this plague. Are the expectations justified? more...

Article by Erich Lederer

With a Scalpel and some Patience

A recently published PLoS - study shows: The HIV rapid test by saliva sample shortly before delivery can reduce the transfer risk for the newborn considerably - because faster results enable an on-time decision for a C-section. Mainly in countries were HIV screening is more...

DocCheck News Redaktion

The Key to Addiction

It's all about the kick. How does it develop and by what? What goes on in the brain, when you get addicted? There are many models to explain the development of addiction. Seventy years after the discovery of Acetylcholin, scientists found a new role of the carrier more...

Article by Monika Lerch
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