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Anti-Ageing: One Serve of Forever Young To Go, Please!

In animal studies its been quite the trick: extending life by diet or in feed additive form. Why this is so, however, is far less clear. The relationship between cellular energy supply and ageing processes seems to include a few crucial interconnection points. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Brain Ageing: Bloodbath In The Fountain Of Youth

Reversing the phenomena of ageing – people have dreamed of it for thousands of years. Neuroscientists are now showing that proteins from umbilical cord blood can revitalise the cognitive abilities of mice. A breakthrough in age research. more...

Osteocalcin: The New Rejuvenator

Whoever thinks of bone only in terms of it as the supporting skeleton for the body is being misguided. Using an injection of the hormone osteocalcin derived from skeletal tissue, researchers succeeded "rejuvenating" mice. Another study showed that osteocalcin ensures more...

Article by Erich Lederer
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