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Beany’s second Career

Many a patient might be able to abandon expensive lipid- and cholesterol reducers: Half a cup of Pinto beans per day reduces the cholesterol- and lipid level by about 10 percent. The basic approach was discussed time and again - now the Human Nutrition Research Center more...

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Just one Drop of Blood…

Bye bye, vein tap! In the future, a sting in the finger tip might be enough. After five seconds of analytics, the attached computer supplies the prognosis - from one drop of blood only. Whether it's the threat of a heart attack or diabetes is just around the corner - more...

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A perfect 10 by Laserscan

Right on time for the diet season we get word about two new, epoch making approaches for a containment of the adiposity epidemic. A disinfection of the intestines will make even hardcore burger maniacs lithe and lissom again. And if that doesn't help, move on to the more...

Article by Philipp Graetzel
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