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Miscarriage: No Family Tree Without Stem Cells

About six percent of pregnant women suffer two or more abortions, wherein the risk increases with age. A lack of stem cells in the endometrium could be a possible reason for habitual miscarriage, according to British researchers. more...

Abortion: Reduced risk of preterm birth?

Previous studies have shown that abortions are associated with an increased risk of subsequent preterm birth. A new Scottish cohort study now shows that modern abortion techniques can minimise this risk. more...

Article by Michael Strausz

Missed Abortion: wait and see

What could be worse than, on the basis of a sono-finding, giving advice to a pregnant woman on having an abrasion, although the embryo is alive? The current assessment criteria are quite possibly too narrowly fixed. Broader cut-off values are recommended. more...

Article by Dunja Voos
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