Psycho, Fake or what? - News

Some of the pain syndromes out there are accepted by society, others are not. For example patients with fibromyalgia, modern medicine with its apparatuses has wiped out the stigma of being a fake. But
16/02/2007, Philipp Graetzel

The Danger of Zika Virus on Public Health and Its Prevention - Blog

Zika is a nasty viral disease spread by mosquitos. In absence of any specific medication, the disease can be prevented from affecting lives through care and consciousness.\n Zika is a viral disease th
05/09/2016, Jack Jones

PPI: Blockbuster Delivers Kidney Punch - News

The use of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) is possibly linked to an increased risk of getting chronic kidney disease. The gastric acid inhibitors, regarded until now as well tolerated, have come under cr
08/03/2016, Pascale Huber

Metastases: The Palm Oil Receptor - News

It was previously unclear which tumour cells are able to metastasise. For this to happen, apparently certain fat-sensitive receptors, which the metastasising cells carry in their membrane, are necessa
21/02/2017, Sonja Schmitzer

6 Ways To Stay Healthy & Fit This Winter - Blog

\n As soon as the weather transition starts whether it is summer to fall or fall to winter people have to face a plenty of challenges. You need to take extra care for your health, skin and body throug
10/11/2016, Ryan Holman

Cervical Cancer: An Injection Of New Hope - News

Cervical cancer rates as one of the most common cancers in women. Approximately 500,000 women fall victim to it annually worldwide; 350,000 die. Recovery is only possible with treatment at an early st
20/12/2016, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Drug Reactions: Skin Pure - News

Medications often have undesirable effects on the skin - from harmless rashes to severe organ damage. Many effects first show up only after introduction of the medication into the market place. This i
09/02/2016, Michael van den Heuvel

Didn't sleep well? Spit it out! - News

Smoking? Prohibited. Alcohol? Over soon as well. One of these days they might even go against us night owls. Because a saliva test tells you now how much you slept. After the "blow-test", are they now
16/01/2007, Philipp Graetzel

Cancer? I do not want. I do not have. - News

Cancer: a diagnosis, that puts patients totally out of balance. Psycho-oncological strategies help get sufferers back on the right path and protect against charlatans with dubious promises of salvatio
05/12/2011, Michael van den Heuvel

Sexual dysfunction: Dead-end in bed - News

About 43 percent of all women have problems during sex - similar figures are   presented for men. Many though remain silent out of shame. A detailed personal history could help to identify p
19/09/2011, Michael van den Heuvel

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