Cancer Risk: Really Not A Roulette Wheel? - News

A year ago, oncologists asserted, that getting the diagnosis "cancer" is mostly just a matter of bad luck. Many disagreed, yet it was recently that a study was able to deliver an argument for the oppo
23/03/2016, Erich Lederer

VIDEO: Cardiology - viewing heartbeat in real-time - News

To examine the heart with a magnetic resonance imaging system, patients need to hold their breath. Only this way, physicians can get clear pictures. The University Medical Center of Göttingen, Germany

Infertility: The worst is yet to come - News

Mobile phones cause it, as do bike saddles, saunas and especially alcohol - they all reduce sperm quality and thus fertility. Numerous studies show that male sperm also "knows" if their owner is packi
16/02/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

Insulin Therapy: Finally a New Beta Version - News

Half a year or more without insulin injections - for many type 1 diabetics something hardly imaginable. It's precisely this scenario that American researchers want to bring to reality and to envelop b
29/03/2016, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Make me an Elf! - News

For some it is mayhem, for others it's the most honest confession in the world: Body Modification. Ever since the appearance of the piercing- and tattoo fashion in the nineties, body modification bloo
18/09/2008, DocCheck News Redaktion

Side Effect: Death - News

Drugs are supposed to stop diseases, to alleviate symptoms or at best heal the patient. They are as secure and effective as possible. However, unwanted adverse effects cannot be obviated. According to
27/05/2008, DocCheck News Redaktion

Calcium Preparations: Creeping Calcifier - News

Many people reach for calcium supplements in order to cover their daily needs. According to a new study these preparations increase the risk of atherosclerotic impact and thus of getting cardiac disea
13/12/2016, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Fighting Cancer with Powerful Proteasome Inhibition - Blog

When it comes to blood cancer Lymphoma is the most common. Lymphoma manifests in two general forms: Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Uncontrollable proliferation of lymphocytes (catego
04/04/2016, Kumba Sennaar

Stem Cells After Stroke: It's Running Again - News

A stroke patient can walk again after stem cell injection directly into the brain. Other patients can speak or are able to move their hands better. It seems as if we have completely underestimated the
12/07/2016, Annukka Aho-Ritter

Orthopaedics: A1 Once Again, Thanks To 3D - News

Three-dimensional printing techniques are revolutionising orthopaedics. All at once, entirely new pathways are opening up for colleagues in the treatment of complicated cases. Alongside artificial mat
11/10/2016, Michael van den Heuvel

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