Pregnancy: Retirement Notice For The Stork? - News

Intestinal worms and other parasites are freeloaders that can harm the health of their host. Yet they may perhaps also have an unexpected effect: they might be able to enhance fertility and offer help
Christine Amrhein

Zika Virus: In 40 Mosquitoes Around The World - News

For many years Zika virus slumbered away in solitude, little noticed by science. Now it's rushing from country to country. Its harmlessness as described earlier is also something it has left in the pa
Michael van den Heuvel

FSD - Tacit Female Disorder or Imaginary Disease? - News

There is hardly any topic in medicine causing such a riot as FSD - female sexual dysfunction. Skeptics leave no stone unturned to prove that this is an imaginary disease. On the other hand there is a
12/09/2006, Bettina Reich

Sabotage of Cancer Defense - News

Some recruits of the human immune defense are behaving completely different from their original programming, when directly facing tumor cells. Instead of doing the rampant tissue in, they raise its ag
12/09/2006, Erich Lederer

TCS - light ahead - News

A sonographic method could soon be the tool to discover Parkinson at an early stage - well before the disease noticeably damages the brain. Along with the patients, ingredient scientists benefit from
18/09/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Fruit juice fights the Forgetting - News

Everyone consuming fruit- and vegetable juices on a regular basis, lowers his risk to get Alzheimer by 76 percent. The clinical study published in the September issue of the professional magazine "Ame
20/09/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Coiling an Einstein - News

By targeted stimulation of certain brain regions motoric and mental abilities can be improved, at least temporarily. Transcranial magnetic stimulation assists the therapy of neurological dysfunctions
17/10/2006, Erich Lederer

Antibiotics against Stroke - News

Stroke, an infectious disease? Not really. But all the same, germs play quite a role here. Important enough for some physicians in Berlin to start giving antibiotics as a prophylaxis to safe more stro
17/10/2006, Philipp Graetzel

Dressed to - ECG - News

Put on a T-shirt, measure and record your cardiac activities. That is just how simple an ECG works - the patient does not have to be wired any more. High tech clothing for medical use are gaining grou
17/10/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Babyboom in the Kingdom - News

In today's England, especially private reproduction offerers benefit from the medical undersupply - and that in a range of two-digit millions. But they still want more. The progress in embryo research
17/10/2006, Karin Bäck

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