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Metastases: The Palm Oil Receptor - News

It was previously unclear which tumour cells are able to metastasise. For this to happen, apparently certain fat-sensitive receptors, which the metastasising cells carry in their membrane, are necessa
15/11/2017, Sonja Schmitzer

Organoids: Mini-Intestine And Mini-Brain - News

They won't replace animal experiments and clinical trials, but organoids derived from stem cells already offer many advantages. Zika virus could be studied in a mini-brain. The bacterium Helicobacter
15/11/2017, Erich Lederer

The Snap Of A Glove - Blog

I realized the snap of a glove in the operating room for me is akin to the starter’s pistol for a runner or swimmer. The snap brings me into total focus on the task at hand, the operation to be perfor
15/11/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

Philematology: Kissing And Telling In The Lab - News

At Christmas and on New Year's Eve, the frequency of kissing is particularly high. Kissing not only activates our reward system, it also produces long-lasting changes in the bacterial flora of the par
15/11/2017, Matthias Bastigkeit

Asthma Fatale - News

Every third asthma diagnosis of an adult is false, the outcome of a recent investigation states. The study leader and pulmonologist adds with a critical tone: "Asthma is not so difficult to diagnose,
15/11/2017, Michael van den Heuvel

Mealtime Strikes The Stone Age - News

Paleo and LowCarb diets, in which carbohydrate intake is dramatically reduced, are in vogue. Now, however, current study results are delivering evidence that the completely opposite diet is the key to
15/11/2017, Aline Kostka

When Fear Works Its Way Into The Body - News

People with generalised anxiety disorder constantly have exaggerated worries. Even children can suffer from it. Somatic symptoms often dominate the scope of attention - the condition itself is therefo
15/11/2017, Christine Amrhein

Wound Healing: A Flawless Future - News

Wounds leave scars behind. However that situation could soon change. Cell biologists have discovered a natural healing process that can regrow injured skin, leaving it scar-free. The key to this lies
14/11/2017, Sonja Schmitzer

Binge-Eating: The Great Gorging - News

Binge-eating disorder is increasingly being recognised as a distinct condition: the sufferer shoves large amounts of food down his or her throat and does not vomit. Sufferers are often overweight. Tre
14/11/2017, Christine Amrhein

Home health care treatment—Best service for the elderly population - Blog

Global home healthcare market to surpass $391.41 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 9.40% between 2016 and 2021.\n Home healthcare services majorly comprise psychology, Medicare, wound care, pain managemen
14/11/2017, alla.l

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