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10 Online Resources for Med Students - Blog

The Internet can be a savior for a med student, as it offers access to all possible information and data. However, you can make use of the Internet only if you use it right. So if you’re a med student
19/02/2018, Nancy Spektor

Losing Weight by Freezing the Fat - Blog

According to experts, getting slimmer body is now easy by freezing the fat cells of your body. But many people have little confusion about how the process actually works.\n According to experts, getti
13/02/2018, Jack Smith

Taking good care of our teeth - Blog

dentist Snoqualmie\n Taking good care of our teeth is hygienic. The mouth is actually home to thousands of harmful bacteria and if you do not have your teeth cleaned and checked professionally, you co
13/02/2018, Mary James

Pneumonia: Underestimated And Overlooked - News

Pneumonia is a condition often overlooked by doctors. Patients benefit from taking antibiotics even in mild cases. In order to promptly distinguish pneumonia from other infections, one should pay atte
13/02/2018, Michael van den Heuvel

Parenting a Child with Hemophilia - Blog

Parenting a Child with Hemophilia is a guest post written by a mother who has a child withthis blood disorder. Her words are inspiration and important for other parents.\n Jennifer Dunaway, the mother
13/02/2018, Charlotte Thompson, M.D.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cellulite Removal Treatment - Blog

\n Nearly 90 per cent of adult females suffer from the cellulite problem. This problem leads you to having a bulgy appearance with dimpled lump formation on your arms, thighs, stomach, upper arms and
12/02/2018, Jessica Clark

What All Parents Should Know About IVs - Blog

Caitlin King only got to hold her newborn twin girls for a few precious moments before they were whisked off to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). That’s where their journey began. Born at 32 we
08/02/2018, Jasmine Williams

Precision surgery thanks to informative hyperspectral imaging - Blog

\n When body tissue is reconnected during a tumor operation in the gastrointestinal tract, surgeons need information about the current state of these so-called anastomoses. The new, non-invasive hyper
08/02/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Cancer: What Are The Odds? - Blog

The treatment offering the best chance for long-term survival in all types of hepatocellular cancer is complete surgical removal. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of patients with the common var
08/02/2018, M.D. Steven Curley

Why physicians need side gigs - Blog

The average physician in the United States is already working more than a 40 hour work week and struggling with issues related to work-life balance. And yet, I’m a strong believer that physicians shou
07/02/2018, Nisha Mehta

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