Abdominal pain: Gut feeling at the paediatrics clinic - News

Functional gastro-intestinal disorders often occur together with depression or anxiety disorders - even with children. Without timely interventive treatment psychosomatic diseases can work their way i
17/12/2013, Michael van den Heuvel

Madness in full bachbloom - News

dog the Bach flowers every five minutes". Christian Reinboth wrote on this topic on 16 November 2013 in his science blog "Frischer Wind": "On every cup of takeaway hot coffee the statement is printed
17/12/2013, Sonja Schmitzer

Cancer diagnostics in your pocket? - News

The detection of circulating tumour cells in the blood has until now been very complicated. Scientists in Augsburg have now developed a system that can be employed in any doctor's office and could cha
17/12/2013, Christine Hutterer

Neurotechnology: Thieving from the thinking room? - News

Research projects with billion dollar budgets both in the U.S. and in Europe hope to clarify and model the workings of the human brain. Matters here go beyond research in answering the question: Shoul
04/12/2013, Erich Lederer

Medical journals: Gone cold turkey - News

One of the major medical journals finally distances itself from the cigarette industry. The risk of the deadly products being abused is said to be too great. After much hesitation Misled about the ris
02/12/2013, Nicole Simon

Colon cancer: ASA on everyone's lips - News

Already for 45 years there has been evidence that acetylsalicylic acid can help in the battle against colon cancer. Which cancer patients appear to benefit from small, daily doses of aspirin has now b
02/12/2013, Sonja Schmitzer

Neuro-Enhancement: Terminator reloaded? - News

Students do it, doctors too, as do celebs of course - mental tuning is reportedly no marginal phenomenon. Yet things can also be done in a pill-less way, with physical-electrical interventive measures
15/11/2013, Thomas Kron

Radioactivity: Irradiating pearly-whites - News

Leaky cooling ponds, radioactivity in the soil and contaminated sea water: Fukushima has become the horror image of nuclear energy. Tooth analyses make an important contribution in estimating cancer r
15/11/2013, Michael van den Heuvel

Anxiety disorders: Management in the bed - News

For the first time researchers have been able to alleviate concrete anxieties during sleep. The length of sleep seems to play an important role here. The new approach could be useful in the treatment
15/11/2013, Sonja Schmitzer

multeBook Histology - your digital ocular - News

The multeBook Histology is your digital ocular with an infinitely variable high-resolution zoom. It emulates an actual microscope and grants you the ability to go for every tiny detail. Get the multeB
15/11/2013, Freshta Khairi

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