Diet Risks: Disposal Site for Nuclear Waste in the Beer Belly - News

To get slimmer does not only bring a healthier life to people with overweight. If the data of a study with more than 1000 US Americans proves right, dangerous environmental pollutants might wander int
15/12/2010, Erich Lederer

Binge Eating: When Eva turns into Pac-Man - News

If the soul is suffering: Binge eating patients are tortured by uncontrollable eating attacks. Particularly difficult: In addition to the psychological pressure, associated diseases threaten due to th
15/12/2010, Michael van den Heuvel

Boob-Boost with Stem Cells - News

women after a breast cancer surgery. Its interim results were a topic at the SABCM 2009 and again during the British Oncoplastic Surgery Meeting 2010. At the time of the last evaluation in summer 2010
15/12/2010, Philipp Graetzel

Cytomegaly - Mega-risky for Fetuses - News

Whether herpes simplex on your lip or chicken pox: Herpes viruses are omnipresent. In nearly 90 percent of the cases, cytomegaloviruses cause almost no troubles. But they are dangerous for expectant m
30/11/2010, Michael van den Heuvel

Vaccinate with Frodo - News

It takes months to develop a vaccine against viruses in the computer, to breed it in chicken eggs to supply a safe vaccination. Faster and just as good is the stimulation of the immune system without
30/11/2010, Erich Lederer

Intestine Condom in lieu of Gastric Rubber band - News

additional study, introduced by the Digestive Disease Week 2010, found a positive effect on HbA1c in diabetic patients. Both studies were not fully published yet. A randomized multicenter-study with Sham
30/11/2010, Philipp Graetzel

Let it itch, Pruritus - News

Every fifth person develops a chronic pruritus during his or her life. But this irrepressible urge to scratch was not taken serious for a long time. Today new drugs and therapies bring hope to million
15/11/2010, Nicole Simon

Lupus erythematodes: The Wolf in You - News

European Medication Agency (EMA). The decision of the FDA is expected as early as December 9, 2010.
15/11/2010, Michael van den Heuvel

No blind trust in guidelines - News

unknown in Germany as well. In spring 2010, a working group of the scientific medical associations (AWMF) published "Recommendations of the AWMF regarding the handling of conflicts of interests in
15/11/2010, Erich Lederer

Clostridium-Tribe digs up the Hatchet - News

Clostridium-difficile-associated diseases are an increasing problem. Two to 25 percent of the patients treated with antibiotics suffer from diarrhea due to the therapy. Costs in Europe: About 3 billio
02/11/2010, Matthias Bastigkeit

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