Sour cheers away pain - News

A body own protein, until now known as tumor marker, obviously has more skills. The substance is called prostatic acid phosphatase. The enzyme is supposed to have the potential to suppress pain more e
17/12/2008, Karin Bäck

Last Exit Bypass - News

still remains risky and irreversible. The serviceableness but also the risks of bypass surgeries were recently verified in a review of the studies in Clinical Evidence (Clin. Evid. 2008; 01: 0604). But it
17/12/2008, Julia Hofmann

The Invisible Tiny Stroke - News

Alzheimer and age dementia - in many cases, small strokes might cause the loss of memory. At the 6th Welt-Schlaganfall-Kongress in Vienna (World Stroke Day) the participants discussed about subclinica
17/12/2008, Erich Lederer

Arteriosclerosis - New Brooms sweep clean - News

significantly. The results in 2008 clearly point towards the end of times of forecasting the future for heart and vessels by looking at HDL and LDL. Maybe the CRP test will be routine soon and new brooms clean
17/12/2008, Erich Lederer

The Dilemma of Incidental Findings - News

Who participates in a study, sometimes learns about results neither expected nor welcome. The studying person faces a difficult decision and the question arises: How do I explain that to my test perso
11/11/2008, Erich Lederer

Checkmate for Auto-Antibodies - News

Sciences (PNAS 2008; doi: 10.1073/pnas.0808248105), the researchers succeeded to remove the sugar side chain with the aid of a bacterial enzyme leading to suppression of the proinflammatory activity of auto
11/11/2008, Julia Hofmann

No Hit for the Liver - News

Up to today, only biopsy provided reliable results for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis. But now physicians bear down the liver with a vibrator - and fire a whole line of test batteries to draw the sec
11/11/2008, Philipp Graetzel

Universal Weapon against Influenza - News

Influenza viruses have the annoying quality to permanently change. Since the human immune system only remembers the last virus type, risk groups have to go for flu shots practically every year. The so
11/11/2008, Karin Bäck

Smoking makes stupid - News

Are smokers deaf and dumb of they can't stop despite knowing about the risks for the health? The reverse seems to come closer to the truth: Smoking itself damages ears and brain in the long run. To av
27/10/2008, Julia Hofmann

The Disease - Snooper - News

German researchers have developed an analysis method which might - a few years down the road - help detecting infections and cancer in breathing air. During this non-invasive procedure, the patient ju
13/10/2008, Thorsten Braun

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