New Chance for Preemies - News

There is hope for babies suffering from brain damage caused by a periventricular Leukomalacia: Innsbruck neonatologists examine a possibility to remedy existing damage. The Babies suffer from severe c
18/12/2006, Monika Lerch

The Fabulous World of Climax - News

Virility increasing drugs? The "lust pill" for women? All just boring stuff compared to what is keeping scientists busy lately: The search for the ultimate climax hormone. Oxytocin holds pole position
18/12/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Stemcells: Therapy Thanks to a Chopstick Accident - News

It sounds like an anecdote, but once you take a closer look, you see, it's a small sensation: neuronal stem cells can be hatched relatively effortless to renew damaged organ material - from tissue ori
18/12/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Orthopedists as Bloodsuckers - News

Out of the snuggery of alternative art of healing and into the canon of orthodox medicine? With own blood and beads, even established orthopedists are drawing attention now. The orthodox doctor turns
18/12/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Grandpa in the Fishbowl - News

from Nuremberg/Germany to the US, recently reported at the trade show eHome 2006 in Berlin. It is not a regular nursing home, what she and her husband built up at the West Coast near Portland
16/11/2006, Philipp Graetzel

Cartilage Technology for Advanced Learners - News

Twenty years later, the autologous cartilage cell transplantation still suffers from a blatant lack of studies. But - data or no data, the old technology will be left behind now anyway. Biophysicians
15/11/2006, Philipp Graetzel

Flu: Guardian Virus desired? - News

Right on time for the flu season, British scientists report a sensational success: In the future, so-called protective viruses can do in any influenza pathogens. Even a pandemia can be prevented that
15/11/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

Coiling an Einstein - News

By targeted stimulation of certain brain regions motoric and mental abilities can be improved, at least temporarily. Transcranial magnetic stimulation assists the therapy of neurological dysfunctions
17/10/2006, Erich Lederer

Antibiotics against Stroke - News

Stroke, an infectious disease? Not really. But all the same, germs play quite a role here. Important enough for some physicians in Berlin to start giving antibiotics as a prophylaxis to safe more stro
17/10/2006, Philipp Graetzel

Dressed to - ECG - News

Put on a T-shirt, measure and record your cardiac activities. That is just how simple an ECG works - the patient does not have to be wired any more. High tech clothing for medical use are gaining grou
17/10/2006, DocCheck News Redaktion

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