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Lipid-lowering agents: Guidelines fighting off their fat - News

Heated debates on the subject "cholesterol and statins" are the rule rather than the exception. So it is hardly surprising that new U.S. guidelines currently provide fuel for some feuds. New fat-lower
05/10/2014, Thomas Kron

Neuro-Enhancement: Terminator reloaded? - News

Students do it, doctors too, as do celebs of course - mental tuning is reportedly no marginal phenomenon. Yet things can also be done in a pill-less way, with physical-electrical interventive measures
15/11/2013, Thomas Kron

Staying with the Alzheimers - News

The body of knowledge about Alzheimer's disease is mainly based on research on rare familial forms of the disease. Genomic analyses now provide information on gene variants of the common sporadic form
03/07/2013, Thomas Kron

Atrial Fibrillation: plug it and job done? - News

Atrial fibrillation problems are mostly a matter of anticoagulation and ablation. However, there is an alternative: the closure of the atrial auricle with a kind of "stopper". Initial studies offer ho
31/05/2013, Thomas Kron

Trauma Surgery: Steel beats titanium - News

Titanium implants are now standard in trauma surgery. One main argument for its use is supposedly better biocompatibility. Steel implants on the other hand are almost seen as relics from the "stone ag
20/03/2012, Thomas Kron

Minimally invasive: not the bee's knees - News

In Germany too much surgery is done, it is said again and again. "Innovations" are said to be popular. But regardless of whether that's true, something is indisputably certain: New is not always bette
20/10/2011, Thomas Kron

Alzheimer Therapy: Oment please! - News

Seriously ill people often grasp at any straw which offers hope. And there always are people who will hand you a straw. One such example is an operation for Alzheimer's disease sufferers, in support o
05/09/2011, Thomas Kron

Sitting one's way to death - News

Physical inactivity is known to be unhealthy, activity on the other hand life-prolonging. But the activity doesn't have to be sport. Much is already thought to be gained if excessive sitting is avoide
22/07/2011, Thomas Kron

CI Watson in the waiting room - News

The medical profession is supposed to be not only a craft but an art. It follows naturally then that a computer can at best be a useful sidekick. But supercomputer Dr. Watson could be a really valuabl
05/07/2011, Thomas Kron

The old man stays sharp - News

When it comes to physical performance, from the mid-30s at the latest it inevitably and rapidly goes downhill, many believe. A mistake! Strength and endurance fade so slowly that even old people still
20/06/2011, Thomas Kron

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