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Harmful Effects of Vaping While Pregnant - Blog

\n The US Surgeon General has said that the increased use of e-cigarettes among young people represents "major public health concern." Since a large proportion of the 6 million US pregnant women are y
21/06/2017, Pregistry expert

Do Babies Have Kneecaps? - Blog

\n Have you ever wondered why babies crawl so easily while it usually hurts when you do it as an adult? Babies also quickly recover, sometimes even with a smile, when they fall. Do babies have kneecap
03/03/2017, Pregistry expert

Vacuum Extraction – What You Should Know - Blog

\n Forceps delivery is a well known type of assisted childbirth. Another one, less known among pregnant mothers, is the vacuum, also called ventouse, and the act of using a vacuum at birth is called "
20/02/2017, Pregistry expert

Why Cesarean Section Is Called So? - Blog

\n Cesarean section or c-section as it is popularly called by the masses is considered to be a surgical procedure. It is conducted to have the baby delivered through an incision that is made in the ut
14/02/2017, Pregistry expert

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