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5 Points to Remember before Opting for Career as a Medical Assistant - Blog

At most healthcare setups, medical assistants also act as coordinators for teams that are responsible for patients’ treatment.\n The role and responsibilities of medical assistants can be challenging
22/07/2016, Pratima Makanji

6 Tips to Better Manage Profitability and Performance in Physicians' Practices - Blog

Business outcome of a medical practice is important because it helps meet your financial goals, gives meaningful remuneration for your efforts, aids expansion and improvement of patient care, and also
06/02/2016, Pratima Makanji

5 Qualities That Every Healthcare Worker Must Have to Succeed at Workplace - Blog

\n A well-paying and stable job in healthcare is a dream for many young people. But few try to make it a reality due to the astronomic tuition costs involved and the many years that need to be spent
22/09/2015, Pratima Makanji

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