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Making the case for genetic testing - Blog

Why healthcare providers and insurers should learn more about genetic testing when diagnosing and treating cancer.\n Today, we hear from our second breast cancer patient from Norway. Initial diagnosis
21/07/2016, M.Sc. Guido du Pree

Better breast cancer treatment decisions through genetic testing - Blog

I'm sharing insights from genetic testing and cancer experts. Today, we hear from Professor Laura van ‘t Veer, developer of an award-winning genetic breast cancer test.\n Breast cancer is the most com
22/06/2016, M.Sc. Guido du Pree

Technology is the key enabler to drive collective wisdom in cancer care - Blog

I visited the ASCO 2016 meeting in Chicago last weekend. This meeting brings together more than 70.000 professionals active in the prevention, diagnose and treatment of oncology. In science sessions t
21/06/2016, M.Sc. Guido du Pree

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