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Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Cancer: What Are The Odds? - Blog

The treatment offering the best chance for long-term survival in all types of hepatocellular cancer is complete surgical removal. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of patients with the common var
08/02/2018, M.D. Steven Curley

Side Effects Related To Cancer Therapies - Blog

There are many chronic medical disorders that cause pain and disability in patients. Cancer patients are no different; however, at times our treatments incite chronic symptoms that affect our patients
24/01/2018, M.D. Steven Curley

I’ll Play This Hand - Blog

Recently, as I do numerous times every week, I knocked on a clinic exam room door, opened it, and walked in. The tall cowboy put his hands on his knees and slowly unfolded himself from the chair. He g
17/11/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

The Snap Of A Glove - Blog

I realized the snap of a glove in the operating room for me is akin to the starter’s pistol for a runner or swimmer. The snap brings me into total focus on the task at hand, the operation to be perfor
15/11/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

Crowded Abdominal Cavity - Blog

I am a surgical oncologist. After providing care for thousands of patients over the course of my career it is rare to encounter something that startles me. But I can still be surprised and I enjoy a g
21/09/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

Character: Facing An Unresectable Tumor - Blog

MRI, CT, PET and color flow ultrasonography have markedly improved our ability to stage cancer patients before an operation and to indicate if a tumor is likely to be resectable. However, these techno
21/09/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

The Coach: Battling Cancer On The Field - Blog

I first met the coach more than a decade ago. I’ll provide a spoiler alert by telling you he is still alive as I write this piece. However, it’s been a long, painful, and dramatic journey in his perso
29/08/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

Cancer Care In The Future - Blog

The future of cancer care will mean more cost-effective treatments, technology that improves outcomes (not just a shiny new hammer looking for a nail), a greater focus on improved prevention and scree
09/08/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

That Thing Was Growing Inside Me? (Part 3) - Blog

The tumor I was talking about in my last piece was big, but is not my personal record for largest tumor removed. I am certain I have colleagues who could easily describe tumors larger than the biggest
06/06/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

That Thing Was Growing Inside Me? (Part 2) - Blog

Many patients are flabbergasted when they see an image of the tumor I removed from their body. It’s remarkable when you think about all of the tissues, cells, and organs packed inside each of us. My f
30/05/2017, M.D. Steven Curley

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