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Physician Grief: Is integration better than compartmentalization? - Blog

\n originally published August 2018 on Doximity's Op-(m)ed blog. An oncologist colleague once said to me at a funeral, “People assume that as oncologists, we understand more about death than other peo
17/09/2018, Jennifer Lycette

Capturing the patient's story, or capturing a billing code? - Blog

\n Is the duty of the physician to capture the patient’s story or capturing a billing code? In July 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed revamping Medicare payments for
06/09/2018, Jennifer Lycette

Episode 3: The Prior Authorization Games: Where the Odds are Never in Your Favor - Blog

\n In this episode, I chronicle some of my latest and most flabbergasting interactions with the insurance companies when requesting “prior authorization” for necessary medical care for my patients.
09/03/2018, Jennifer Lycette

Cancer survivorship: 8 key updates from the 2018 ASCO/AAFP/ACP Cancer Survivorship Symposium - Blog

\n In my first year of oncology fellowship, our program director asked us a question: what percentage of people with cancer survived 5 years or more? At that time, in 2003, the answer was 60%. I was
20/02/2018, Jennifer Lycette

Why you might need chemotherapy after surgery: the basics of adjuvant chemotherapy. - Blog

\n What is adjuvant therapy? One of the most common questions I hear at an initial visit, as a medical oncologist, is: “My surgeon told me she got all the cancer. So why am I here?” One of the jobs o
22/01/2018, Jennifer Lycette

My Mom is a Doctor, My Dad is a Dad. - Blog

“My mom is a doctor, my dad is a Dad.” So stated one of our children in their autobiography assignment for school. I kept reading, curious what would come next.\n “My dad usually stays home and cleans
23/10/2017, Jennifer Lycette

Guilt and the Physician Mom: Doing Enough; not Perfection - Blog

\n Recently I was enjoying a “mom day” running errands with the kids, you know, the usual essentials - groceries, school supplies, and espresso coffee drive-through. At this last stop, the barista mad
05/09/2017, Jennifer Lycette

The Invisible Burden of the Oncologist - Blog

The return from a vacation weighed on me physically. This had been a true vacation – an entire week away from clinic and spent with my family. I even managed to unplug to the point of only checking em
03/09/2017, Jennifer Lycette

Finding grace: an oncology patient's impact on her doctor. - Blog

The day after I told Nell she had seven metastases to her brain, she sent me flowers. She was my patient; I was her oncologist. I had met her 1 year prior, when she was well into her cancer journey, s
13/08/2017, Jennifer Lycette

On bearing witness: an oncologist's role at end of life. - Blog

My patient was sitting in a wheelchair. He was in his mid-forties, and before the cancer, had held a physically demanding job that he loved. Now, the cancer in his spine had ended not only his ability
09/08/2017, Jennifer Lycette

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