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EFT Practitioner and Client Safety Tips - Blog

Nearly every payer is moving from sending checks to using electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payers are pressing physicians to accept EFT, while physicians have had lukewarm enthusiasm, to outright resi
23/02/2018, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

eClinicalWorks: EHR Scandal on the Rise - Blog

eClinicalWorks is due to pay $155 million to settle a claim alleging that the company violated the False Claims Act, as announced by the Department of Justice on May 31.\n eClinicalWorks is due to pay
26/07/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

Becoming Friends with Your New EHR System - Blog

\n If you've recently purchased an EHR system for your practice, you know the initial investment was not small. You also know that in order for you to see a return sooner than later, your organization
19/06/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

The Anatomy of an EMR Systems Rescue (Part 2) - Blog

\n The Anatomy of an EHR Rescue, Part 2 -How having the right EHR can rescue your career in medicine. Where we last left off with Dr. Mack, he had found himself in dire circumstances. His office was i
10/06/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

5 Ways Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Reduces Errors & Increases Revenue - Blog

\n With new advances in the way medical information is transcribed, stored and transferred, technology has created more variables to a provider’s success than ever before. Between tangling with mounta
05/06/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

11 Tips To Manage Your Revenue Cycle Management - Blog

\n Revenue cycle management (RCM) is incredibly important to a practice’s profitability. Without the ability to streamline the billing and collections processes, a medical enterprise will find it chal
24/05/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

7 Steps for Selecting an Urgent Care EMR - Blog

\n As technology becomes a standard tool in more professions, the resources used become more accessible, more protected, and allow the ability to more efficiently track progress and changes over time.
21/04/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

The Anatomy of an EHR Rescue (Part 1) - Blog

The Anatomy of an EHR Rescue, Part 1-How having the right EHR can rescue your career in medicine.\n How can I be the best healthcare provider for my patients, keep my business in check, along with com
31/03/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

10 ways Health IT is transforming Healthcare in America - Blog

\n Transformation takes time, but with the use of IT the process can be made robust. Now let’s get to the 10 ways we believe Health IT is transforming the landscape of healthcare in America. Significa
06/03/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

How Patient Portals help you deliver better care - Blog

\n Almost every medical professional has a business website today but do they have the ability to provide a HIPAA-compliant account for their patients where they can interact with your practice, revie
23/01/2017, HealthIT Writer Alex Tate

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