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Salutogenesis: Survival of the optimist? - News

It's around 30 years ago that the American-Israeli medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky designed the conceptual model called salutogenesis. Since then, many of his theories have proven themselves to b
05/06/2014, Günter Löffelmann

Cancer: That malignant word - News

The more drastic the word choice in the diagnosis is, the more aggressive are the therapies to which the patients agree. Because this can end up in overtreatment, physicians want to change the vocabul
05/11/2013, Günter Löffelmann

CMD: Cracking in the jaw - News

When no distinct cause of pain can be found, it is often useful to look at the mastication system. Those affected often suffer from joint damage and functional disturbances in this area. Practical kno
05/09/2012, Günter Löffelmann

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