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Emotional Effect on Women That Have an Abortion - Blog

In general, we find that abortion is very stressful for women. It is not easy when they decide to terminate a pregnancy. First of all, falling pregnant can already be stressful, especially if it comes
06/12/2017, Emma Kalman

Home Remedies to Help with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Blog

Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID for short is a sort of infection that affects a female’s reproductive organs.\n Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID for short is a sort of infection that affects a fe
23/11/2017, Emma Kalman

What Platelet Lysate Treatments Do - Blog

Normally Platelets found in the body releases in a slow manner some growth factors to promote healing. Granting, at times the doctor might need to contain these growth factors within platelets so that
10/11/2017, Emma Kalman

Can Perineal Massage Help You Avoid the Episiotomy? - Blog

Labor is a very painful and intense ordeal. The duration of this experience depends a lot on the strength of the contractions, the size of the baby, and the anatomy of the birth canal. The perineum is
01/11/2017, Emma Kalman

Why Would Couples Choose a Procedure for Gender Selection? - Blog

Most couples would like to have children of both sexes, especially in our current way of life where more and more people prefer smaller families. This is due to the fact that everything is so expensiv
27/10/2017, Emma Kalman

How Can Osseous Surgery Benefit You - Blog

Generally, to live a healthy life, your oral health plays an important role. A mouth that is clean is not just necessary for appearance and to eat with comfort, but it also will reduce the risk to dev
24/10/2017, Emma Kalman

And So Our Holiday Truly Starts - Blog

My heart starts to race excitedly and the plane starts it's decent. We are here, finally, we are here. It has felt like an eternity before our ocean holiday eventually started. Before our trip, we mad
01/10/2017, Emma Kalman

Everything You Should Know About a YAG Capsulotomy Procedure - Blog

To remove the haze capsule is a minor procedure that only requires dilation of your eye.\n Yttrium Aluminum Garnet also called YAG, is a procedure that produces infra-red laser light impulses. It is u
24/08/2017, Emma Kalman

Hysterectomy Types and Complications - Blog

Just like any surgical procedure, a hysterectomy has its own risks and possible complications.\n What is a Hysterectomy and why is it performed? A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that consists of
10/08/2017, Emma Kalman

Smoking During Pregnancy and Hypodontia - Blog

Smoking during pregnancy has also been found to carry an increased risk of other facial defects including cleft palate and cleft lip.\n New research from New Zealand has found that moms who smoke more
10/08/2017, Emma Kalman

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