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Kneecaps and Newborn babies - Blog

\n Are you going to be a mother for the first time? If yes, then congratulations! Often, we get confused regarding the health of a newborn as there are some obvious differences of physical structure o
19/07/2017, Diego Wii

Vaginal Douching During Pregnancy: Just Say No - Blog

\n Many young women douche for various reasons. However, they are unaware of the potential risks involved with this procedure. Pregnant should be informed that douching is not recommended, since the
09/07/2017, Diego Wii

Understanding the risks of smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy - Blog

\n To-be moms who smoke, especially for the first time, struggle to keep the stick out of their hand. So, a lot of them tend to go for e-cigarettes instead, thinking that they will cause less harm sin
15/06/2017, Diego Wii

How to select the right sleeping option for your baby - Blog

\n Just like everybody needs sleep after a day’s tiring work, similarly, every baby too needs its sleep, especially the newborn ones. You will always see that the newborns are dozing in your arms or h
15/06/2017, Diego Wii

Answering the age-old debate about kneecaps in babies - Blog

\n There is an unending mystery about the development of human life, particularly babies. And if you are about to be a mom soon, then it is going to be a pretty overwhelming time coming up for you. Yo
15/06/2017, Diego Wii

Pregnancy Tests: True Pregnancy or False Result? - Blog

\n Are you and your partner trying? Do you want to know for sure whether you are pregnant or not? Well the easiest way to detect at home whether you are pregnant or not is through a home pregnancy tes
06/06/2017, Diego Wii

Is Douching Safe During Pregnancy? - Blog

\n Douching is a process to clean your vagina with water or other fluids such as vinegar or iodine. The liquid is inserted through a tube or nozzle into the vagina. According to some medical experts
25/05/2017, Diego Wii

Is vaginal douche safe during pregnancy? - Blog

\n For all those wondering whether vaginal douche is safe during the course of pregnancy, here is a word of advice, No. The process involves cleaning the vagina with water or other fluids such as vine
18/05/2017, Diego Wii

What To Tell Your Patient With Gestational Diabetes - Blog

\n Gestational diabetes is a common common condition during pregnancy. Luckily, there are effective ways to keep it under control. What are the causes and symptoms? There are several maternal risks of
14/05/2017, Diego Wii

How to breastfeed after surgery - Blog

\n Most women would have had surgery of some kind. This may include breast reduction to reduce the size of the breasts or augmentation to increase the size of it. Now the question that might come to y
10/05/2017, Diego Wii

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