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2018’s top breast augmentation trends - Blog

It’s needless to ask what the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the world is. It’s breast augmentation, of course. \n Thousands of women have had augmentation mammoplasty in 2018. It is est
01/11/2018, Cynthia Madison

First aid in case your kids get injured - Blog

Different kids handle injuries differently. From a bee sting to a scraped knee, your kids will get wounded several times, and you should not panic, because this is part of this period of their life. \
16/10/2018, Cynthia Madison

Coping with PTSD – triggers, trauma reactivity and other concerns - Blog

From a mother-baby separation to trouble during adolescence or in one’s love life; when a loved one or a job is lost, the man is subject to developing PTSD, which leads to major changes that affect th
09/10/2018, Cynthia Madison

An eye exam could soon be used to screen for Alzheimer’s Disease - Blog

Alzheimer’s is no longer an unfamiliar disease, considering the increasing number of people confronted with this condition. While there are more patients than ever facing this life alerting condition,
01/10/2018, Cynthia Madison

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