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Burnout: An excess on the axis - News

Neuro-psychobiological stress research data provide new insights into the causes of burnout: In the etiological search for clues, unambiguous evidence is turning up which suggest that the hypothalamic
05/09/2011, Birgit Frohn

Pain perception: Ouch, Cupid! - News

The heart races, the stomach is tight, one can hardly think of sleeping: heartache. These symptoms are not "just" mentally but also physically perceived as painful, for love sickness and physical pain
24/06/2011, Birgit Frohn

One serving of depression with Mayo, please - News

Dietary fats affect not only physical, but also mental health. Data show that unhealthy fats like trans fats significantly increase the risk of depression. Unsaturated fatty acids have, however, neuro
18/03/2011, Birgit Frohn

Diabetes Risk: Lemonade does not refresh - News

If you drink beverages sweetened with sugar on a regular basis, you face an increased risk to get diabetes type 2 and the metabolic syndrome: As much as two glasses a day increase the risk for diabete
05/01/2011, Birgit Frohn

First Pants- then Heart Failure - News

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have an increased risk of coronary heart diseases. An analysis shows: Patients with erectile dysfunctions frequently develop cardiovascular symptoms within two
29/07/2010, Birgit Frohn

Alzheimer: The Casablanca-Diagnosis - News

"Here's looking at you, kid" - This might enable the early discovery of Alzheimer-dementia in the future. Researchers discovered now that the amyloid proteins, ac characteristic of Alzheimer, also acc
16/07/2010, Birgit Frohn

Morbus Single - News

Psychologists discovered: Loneliness is contagious. They examined social contacts by the Framingham Heart Study. There it showed that lonely people transmit their condition to their surroundings where
26/02/2010, Birgit Frohn

Shock for the Granola-Man - News

Biocritics were sure - they always knew it! The results of a meta-study show that organic food does not offer any added value for our health. A tough diet - last but not least for the manufacturers of
02/11/2009, Birgit Frohn

The Big Diet - Bullshit - News

Low fat, low carb - all no guarantee for losing weight. No matter whether we are talking fats, carbon hydrates or proteins: The only thing that counts is the amount of calories we are eating. A US-stu
31/08/2009, Birgit Frohn

Blind to Feelings - News

They feel neither happiness nor sadness. They know no jealousy or hate. They have never been in love - those people with a blocked perception of feelings. Science calls this disease alexithymia, "blin
24/09/2007, Birgit Frohn

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