Bettina Reich
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Happy at the Push of a Button - News

The world seems just grey and bleak for deeply depressive patients. Pills and therapy are not enough to bring back a life in color. Psychiatrists in Bonn are now trying their luck with pulsers directl
22/06/2007, Bettina Reich

Tissue Engineering - The next Step - News

Accidents or disease quite often necessitate the replacement of tissue. Tissue engineering raises great hopes here. One project at the University Hospital of Lübeck tests the treatment of diabetic fee
16/03/2007, Bettina Reich

FSD - Tacit Female Disorder or Imaginary Disease? - News

There is hardly any topic in medicine causing such a riot as FSD - female sexual dysfunction. Skeptics leave no stone unturned to prove that this is an imaginary disease. On the other hand there is a
12/09/2006, Bettina Reich

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